Emergency Tree Removal Services in Westminster

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If you’re in need of a professional tree removal service, simply continue reading to discover why you can’t go wrong choosing to deal with our team of experienced tree removal specialists.

About us

We’re conveniently located in Westminster CO and we’re a fully licensed and bonded tree removal contractor. If you’re located in Westminster or its surrounding area, we’ll be able to quickly and efficiently remove any unwanted trees from your property.

Our services

Emergency tree removal

If you find that one of your trees is in danger of falling on top of your home, garage or car, it’s important to call a licensed tree removal company as soon as possible. As the more time passes, the more risk there is of your tree collapsing onto your home, garage or car. If you ring our team for assistance, a member of our team will be able to visit your property as soon as possible in order to quickly assess the safest way to remove your unwanted tree.

Storm tree removal

If a tree on your property has fallen over during a serious storm or your neighbor’s tree has fallen onto your property, our team will also be able to safely remove your unwanted tree from your property. Following a storm its also worth checking the condition of your trees as if one of your trees is leaning precariously, it may pose a danger to your family, so it’s a wise idea to have it removed as soon as possible.

Westminister stump grinding

We can also help you out if you have a tree stump on your property that is an eyesore or taking up valuable room in your back yard or garden. It’s well worth removing any tree stumps that may be on your property so that you can extend your garden or erect a decorative feature such as a pergola or gazebo. You may even choose to turn your newly cleared patch of grass into a terraced area which you can entertain guests.

Why should you choose our team?

As tree removal should only be attempted by experienced arborists, it’s well worth getting in touch with our team as each member of our team has years worth of experience removing trees of all types and sizes. As if you were to select an inexperienced tree removal company, if they make a mistake the tree which they try to remove may end up damaging your property. Another reason why our business is so highly rated is that we use top of the line equipment to remove our clients’ unwanted trees.

As our team is locally based, we’ll also be able to get to your property in a short time period, which is incredibly important if you’re looking to quickly get rid of a tree, which could cause serious damage to your property.

What to do now?

If there’s a tree which you’d like to get rid of as soon as possible, ring our friendly team in order to request a free quote on our tree removal services. As we should be able to visit your property, sooner than you’d think.

We also offer Westminster’s best stump grinding services.